Katrinia L McGuire

Originally, Katrinia McGuire wanted to be a nurse. After all, isn’t that the dream of most little girls? She really wanted to help people and thought this would be the best way. Katrinia was first exposed to the mortgage industry as a clerk while working toward her nursing goal behind the scenes. Katrinia rapidly became enamored with how crucial the mortgage service industry is in the lives of people, as it helps them in a very surreal way – with their finances! Nursing slowly took a backseat as Katrinia realized the hands-on learning she was experiencing as a loan clerk could be put to immediate use in the lives of folks who desired to find a safe place for their family to call home.

Katrinia has now been a part of the mortgage lending industry for over 30 years. She does not regret her decision one bit. She moved from loan clerk to loan processor very quickly, surpassing all branch volume expectations, and was recognized as the top processing supervisor.

Being so enthusiastic with lending, Katrinia began originating loans and endeavored in personal production goals. She believes she has a unique passion for people and their desire for security and homeownership. You see, for Katrinia, it doesn’t stop at simply the client buying a home; Katrinia looks at the entire family financial picture, analyzes the family’s objectives, and ensures that this new mortgage payment and all that comes with it will provide peace of mind and confidence for the future. Because, in the end, a beautiful home is no fun on a Friday night if all you can do for dinner is eat PB&J while staring at the same television screen!

“It is really all about the client and their family,” Katrinia says. “By removing myself from the equation, I am able to focus on their objectives – not merely for the home itself, but for their overall financial goals. This is crucial if I hope to earn trust that deserves loyalty! It is more than just a house; it is their home and family’s very own place of security.”

This is how Katrinia developed the following truism, which she takes deeply to heart: “It’s Your Home. It’s My Reputation. I CARE about Both!” Katrinia is honored to say that her efforts and dedication to the right things have paid off. Texas Monthly Magazine has rated her in the state’s top 1% of mortgage professionals for 8 years running – 2011 through 2018. She takes this honor seriously and is blessed by the recognition!

Katrinia is committed to providing her clients with the highest quality home loans, combined with great interest rates and sensible closing costs. No matter where in Texas you desire to call home – be it Clear Lake, League City, Friendswood, Deer Park, Pasadena, Pearland or anywhere in this great state – Katrinia is ready to help ease your concerns and provide you with the honest answers and education you need to make the best decision for your family!